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DIY Mold Test

Mold Test Company has developed a cutting-edge DIY mold test kit to identify airborne toxic mold throughout your home. We have pioneered a unique approach that potentially eliminates the need for a board-certified technician. Our DIY test kits are an affordable first step in determining if a full inspection is required. This test is an efficient way to identify harmful pathogens you and your family may be inhaling on a regular basis. Prolonged exposure to mold may lead to severe health effects, making the correct mold testing solution imperative.

Expert Mold Guidance

Expert Mold Guidance

Mold Test Company exclusively offers at no additional charge, total access to our Senior Mold Analysts to walk you through the testing process, interpret the results, and provide helpful resources.

Highest Accuracy

Highest Testing Accuracy

We do not offer a DIY mold testing petri dish, as we feel it can be misleading. The common petri dish testing is notoriously unreliable since it does not adequately establish mold levels. These dishes will often show false results, potentially leading to costly medical, legal, and environmental oversights.

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

Historically, the only accurate way to test for mold in your environment is by analyzing it through an AHIA certified laboratory. This service is often an additional charge, ranging from $45.00 to $65.00 per sample. Unlike many other DIY mold testing options, our laboratory fees are included with the price of purchase.

Unique Approach

Unique Approach

Our groundbreaking DIY mold testing approach utilizes the same testing done on a standard mold inspections and simplifies it for our customers. By testing the HVAC system, you can air sample in multiple locations throughout the environment with a single swab. Sampling with a swab makes each kit significantly more effective and accurate, allowing the lab to collect particles directly from the environment for testing.

Virtual Walk-Through

Virtual Walk-Through

Our DIY mold test is unique thanks to our virtual walk-through process. This technique is designed to identify risk factors like structural damage that do not appear on a microbiology report. We use this information to build a comprehensive picture of your environment to better guide you to a resolution.

Mold Test Kit Includes:

  • Test 10+ rooms with one kit
  • Live Testing Guidance
  • Certified SMA Report Analysis
  • Virtual Walk-Through
  • Testing Media
  • Return Shipping Fees
  • Laboratory Fees
Is Mold Making You Sick?

Is Your Home Making You Sick?

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Mold Inspector

Do You Need A Mold Inspector?

If you need a certified mold inspector, we can help. Mold Test Company has highly qualified environmentalists throughout the united states capable of performing base level and advanced inspections. We are able to tell you the source of your mold problem, health risks, litigation options, and how far the contamination has spread. Contact us and our knowledgeable analysts can help identify the perfect testing fit for your situation.

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