M441 DIY Mold Test Kit

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Product Details
Mold Test Kit Includes:

  • Test 10+ rooms with 1 kit
  • Certified SMA report analysis
  • Virtual walk through included
  • Live test guidance included
  • Testing media included
  • Shipping fees included
  • Return shipping included
  • Laboratory fees included
  • 24-hour turnaround time

Mold Test Company:

DIY Air HVAC Mold Test

Mold Test Company developed the first DIY air HVAC mold test to aid in combating the spread of Coronavirus. We have pioneered an approach that eliminates the need for a technician when testing for harmful air borne pathogens. Our effective new testing method Allows for social distancing while maintaining the high level of accuracy you have come to expect from the Mold Test Company.

Due to the pandemic, Testing for mold is more important than ever. Continued exposure to toxic mold can significantly weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to harmful pathogens.

In an effort to do our part in stemming the spread of the virus and starting the recovery process, we are offering access to our professional grade DIY mold test kit at cost. This test is discounted from $149.95 to now $49.95.

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