Mold Testing Services

Steps for Professional Mold Testing

The Mold Test Company is the nation’s premier source for Mold Inspections and Mold Testing. We only employ quality, highly skilled, experienced and certified mold service professionals. The Mold Test Company brings you the finest service in the mold inspection and environmental investigation industry.

Whether you need to gather data for a mold litigation case, have potential health concerns due to mold or looking for piece of mind, the Mold Test Company is ready to provide the knowledge and hands-on experience you’ll need to get the job done. The process for a cleaner, healthier and mold-free home starts with these simple steps:

Step 1: Set an Appointment at your Convenience

The first step is to set an appointment at your convenience to have a certified mold inspector come to your location. Appointments can be made from Monday through Saturday at a time that works best for you. Just fill out the form or call us to speak with one of our friendly experts!

Step 2: The Visual Mold Test

The entire mold test inspection is a two-step process where the inspector will perform a visual mold inspection as well as a collection of samples. The entire mold test process can take up to 1.5 hours.

  • Visual Mold Inspection:

    Our Board-Certified Mold Specialist will begin the process with a proprietary 62-Point Inspection. An exterior inspection of the property will be conducted to look for potential microbial growth, unusual humidity levels and water intrusion.The interior inspection will include a visual check for mold, humidity and temperature readings of each room, and inspection of your HVAC system. Based on the results of the visual mold inspection recommendations will be made for the sampling process.

  • Collection of Mold Test Samples:

    The second part of the mold test is the collection of samples. An interior air quality sample will be taken as well as an exterior air quality sample for comparison. As an added bonus, Mold Test Company performs a swab sample of the HVAC system to provide additional insight on the interior air quality. Additional samples can be taken at the discretion of our certified inspector or at your request.

Our specialists consult with the Senior Mold Analyst (SMA) for verification of the environmental sampling strategy.

Step 3: Lab Testing

Once the mold test is completed, the biological samples are overnighted to a third party Certified Microbiology Laboratory under Chain of Custody. Once the environmental samples are received and properly logged into the laboratory, analysis begins. The results of the mold test samples will usually be available between 3-7 business days with the option to expedite your results.

Step 4: Discuss Lab Results with a Senior Mold Analyst

The last step in the process is our consultation call. Once the lab results have been returned, a Senior Mold Analyst (SMA) will contact you to discuss any results that need your attention, including any potential follow-up steps and assistance in mold remediation, litigation, or even find a health care provider. You will also receive a certified test report with all the findings of the mold test.

What is Included With Our Mold Inspection

Our base service include:

  • Interior and exterior inspection of the structure including attic and HVAC systems
  • Exterior baseline testing
  • Relative humidity readings
  • Examination of the HVAC system, including swab sample
  • Interior and exterior temperature readings
  • Moisture readings in the walls, floors and ceiling – where applicable
  • Two microbiology samples (Air-O-Cell)
  • Certified microbiology laboratory results
  • Final written report with our recommendations and opinions

What Does a Mold Test and Inspection Cost?

We understand the concerns of your health due to mold and the potential cost it brings to remove mold. The price of our base mold test service starts at $299 and includes a certified microbiology report.