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Connecting Health Effects to your Environment.

By working hand in hand with the medical community we have compiled some helpful resources and tools. We have pioneered unique insight both from a medical and environmental standpoint to provide you with the answers you need.

Connecting Health Effects Environmental & MedicalConnecting Health Effects Environmental & Medical

Mold Exposure

We have found the most effective approach is to establish what mycotoxins the mold in your environment is producing. Then identify the same toxins in your body through medical testing. This can be achieved through several advanced testing options.

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DNA-Sequencing Test (Environmental Test)

DNA-Sequencing is designed to identify the genospecies of mold. Giving us the species of the mold found in your environment. This can be used to identify which mycotoxins that specific species of mold produces. When used in conjunction with specific medical testing a connection to your adverse health conditions can be established.

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Mycotoxin Test (Environmental Test)

Mycotoxin testing is designed to environmentally detect the toxins that mold spores produce. These toxins are commonly associated with the most severe mold exposure symptoms, disease, DNA damage, neurological disorders and even cancer. Mold will not always produce mycotoxins, but a positive result can lead to a direct correlation with advanced medical testing. There are several types of environmental mycotoxin tests to choose from. We would suggest that the testing you choose includes Ochratoxin-A as that is the most common mycotoxin found in water damaged environments.

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Air Cassette Test/Mold Spore Trap (Environmental Test)

Air Cassette testing is designed to identify the volume of mold spores in your indoor environment as it compares to the outside environment. This can assist in the the correlation of allergic reactions, environmental onset Asthma, COPD, Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis, and autoimmune disease.

Bacteria Exposure

Bacteria is commonly overlooked in a water damaged environment but is often a contributing factor to adverse health effects. Just like mold testing, bacteria testing can be used to connect your health to your environment by a correlation of medical results.

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Bacteria Testing (Environmental Test)

Bacteria testing is designed to identify active bacteria growth in your environment. Active bacteria are often found in standing water from HVAC drip pans and water intrusion hotspots. This test can be connected to a variety of bacterial infections, gastrointestinal problems, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other medical conditions.

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Endotoxin Testing (Environmental Test)

Endotoxin testing is designed to identify the specific toxins that gram negative bacteria produce. These toxins have been connected to irreversible and permanent lung damage, as well as deep tissue major organ damage.

Medical Testing

Working with the medical community we have compiled a list of corresponding medical tests that can be used to pinpoint an environmental connection to your health. While we do not perform any medical testing, these are the tests we have found to be the most effective that can be carried out by most physicians or ordered online.

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Mycotoxin Testing (Medical)

Medical Mycotoxin testing detects toxins which come from fungi/mold, these toxins can cause many illnesses. There are several methods of testing for Mycotoxins, but we would suggest utilizing a test that relies on mass spectrometry giving you the most reliable results. This test can be performed through a urinalysis.

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GI Pathogen Testing (Medical)

GI Pathogen tests is an antigen panel requiring a stool sample. In addition, results can show the presence of yeast, toxins, fungus, endotoxins, parasites, and OVA.

Example of Health Connection

We have created this example chart to illustrate how a connection can be made between your environment and your health. Three decades of environmental experience has led to our being able to identify the most effective strategy for an accurate comparison. Click ‘toxin chart’ to see an example of how this is achieved.

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  • Moisture Readings
  • Detailed Microbiology Report
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