Mold Testing in Virginia $299


VA Mold Test Company

Virginia is home to many rivers and lakes as well as over 100 miles of coastline and certainly no stranger to mold. The professionals at Mold Test Company have you covered when it comes to the most advanced indoor mold inspection techniques in the industry. Do not be fooled by those mold inspectors that also want to remediate or clean-up the mold. This is much more of a conflict of interest than it is a convenience for you. First things first and in the instance of locating mold in your home, it begins with you. Mold Test Company can help you further identify and locate your mold problem with a thorough mold inspection after you notice the signs of mold growth or have water damage or intrusion in your Virginia home. We know that not all molds are toxic but if you want to keep your loved ones free from the dangers of toxic mold, contact Mold Test Company so that we can dispatch our highly trained team and help you remove the guesswork of toxic mold identification.

“Mold inspection tip”

Creaky floors could be a sign of water damage which can lead to environmental toxic mold growth in your floor boards, which can spread to both levels of your home.

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