Mold Testing in Utah: $399


Mold Inspection in Utah

Just as the winter months in Utah can be difficult, the same goes for properly identifying species of mold in your environment. Many molds found in your home may not be toxic, unless you can tell the difference. That’s where Mold Test Company come in to help you. A certified mold inspector can conduct a comprehensive mold test and inspection of your home or office. Snowfall increases across the state of Utah with the chance of flooding and water intrusion in your home or office. When this happens, the creation of new molds form. Dispersed mold spores throughout the air depositing themselves on other collections of water and thus multiplying by the billions.

So, if you or a loved one have seen water damage or mold intrusion in your living environment, call us. We ensure you have a team of certified professionals on your side when dealing with your mold problem in Utah.

“Mold inspection tip”

Make sure to check your water connections on your washing machine at home for any small drips or leaks. After time the rubber seals used to contain the pressure deteriorate causing water damage to the floor and walls around the connections. That wet drywall is a favorite place for common toxic molds to thrive in.

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