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Every year Texas residents see more and more moisture, whether its hurricanes or large amounts of rainfall Texas is a hotspot for mold growth. If any visible contamination is in question you should have mold testing performed at your residence or business right away. Mold can grow after a leak, flood or condensation between 12 and 24 hours. After your environment is dry, we can dispatch one of our Certified Mold Inspectors to do a visual assessment and take air quality and direct fungal samples to check the initial mold and or bacteria growth. High humidity levels in the Lone Star State are also a factor in the summertime pertaining to accelerated mold Growth. Mold spores whether dead or alive can emit mycotoxins that can be inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin. These mycotoxins can cause adverse health issues.

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Long-term Effects of Mold Exposure

Mold growing inside a home is an unsanitary condition that may present potential health risks to occupants. Therefore, it is always best to identify and correct high moisture conditions quickly before mold grows and possible health problems develop.

A Professional Mold inspection in Texas Needs Protocol

Texas has the most stringent certification and licensing process in the United States. Our Mold Inspectors throughout Texas have state mandated certifications and licensing. We are also continuing their education and keeping up with the most current practices and technology available. Mold Test Company offers protocol writing for the remediation process upon request. Our environmental consultants can schedule your mold inspection or answer any questions you may have. We look forward to servicing the entire state of Texas, including Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth TX. Call us at (844) 930-6533 to set a time that is convenient for you!

“Mold inspection tip”

Make sure to ask your home or renters insurance agent about mold inclusions on your policy today to ensure you are protected in the event of mold damage.