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Mold Testing in South Dakota $299

South Dakota

SD Mold Test Company

Mold problems in your South Dakota home are typically from water leaks or water intrusion in some part of the home. The key is to identify the source so that the mold growth can be properly remediated. Easier said than done, unless you contact a certified mold inspector at Mold Test Company of South Dakota. Once on site our team of trained professionals will be able to assist in locating the source as well as identify any of the mold spores or other air-borne contaminants in your environment. Whether the conclusion of our mold inspection on your Idaho residence shows signs of toxic or non-toxic mold spores, having these results will give you a better understanding of what you and your family may be up against as well as provide you peace of mind when it comes to your mold problems.

“Mold inspection tip”

If your bathroom doesn’t have a fan built into the wall or ceiling, try running a standard fan at your bathroom after showers to help dry all the excess moisture in the air, further preventing new mold growth.

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