Mold Testing in Ohio: $299


Ohio Mold Inspection

Some Ohio residents ask our mold inspection professionals from time to time where they can purchase the best mold test kit for their home. In brief, what most people are referring to is a kit with a petri dish containing potato dextrose agar (PDA). These kits are typically designed for the cultivation of mold and fungus. In general, what this means in terms of mold inspection is that mold is meant to grow in these dishes. Often these DIY mold tests fail to mention the different hidden fees involved with sending specimens back to the lab. Don’t risk your health by conducting tests on organic material such as mold that has been known to cause cancer in humans. Mold Test Company is here for Ohio residents, offering fast, safe and affordable mold inspections in your home or office.

“Mold inspection tip”

Time for some Spring cleaning! By eliminating clutter in your home, you are also increasing circulation which will reduce the growth of mold.

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