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Mold Test Company North Dakota suggests scheduling a mold inspection any time you see visual mold or the smell of musty odor. Molds grow in damp places. Sources of indoor dampness can come through a variety of issues. Homeowners often don’t know past or current leaks, such as leaky roofs and leaky pipes in basements and crawlspaces. Humidity is also often controlled by steam from showers, indoor vented clothes dryers, and appliances. It is vital to perform mold testing in your residence or business before someone starts to feel toxic mold symptoms. Toxic mold can be very hazardous and cause a multitude of health issues if not confronted in a timely fashion. Mold testing can identify the amount and types of mold in your home or business.

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Why Mycotoxins from Mold are Dangerous

All molds can cause health problems; however, some species of mold are more capable of causing infections than others. In addition, some molds produce mycotoxins. The health effects of mold exposure to mycotoxins can be very dangerous. People should exercise added caution when dealing with a mold species known to produce a mycotoxin. Common symptoms linked to mycotoxin exposure include fever, pneumonia-like symptoms, sinusitis, skin rashes, depression, and anxiety. Long-term mold exposure can show severe symptoms, including heart disease, rheumatic disease, asthma, cancer, memory loss, vision loss, chronic fatigue. Mold test Company exclusively offers mycotoxin testing for your environment.

Why Choosing Mold Test Company to Test for Mold

Most Mold Testing companies will sample the air outside of your home and take one sample inside. They will then email you the results leaving you to decipher on your own what they mean. At Mold Test Company North Dakota, the actual mold inspection is just the beginning. We provide thorough interpretations of your mold test results. A Senior Mold Analyst will contact you, explain the mold test results, and recommend a solution to your mold problem. The Senior Mold Analyst will also offer you resources for health, litigation and remediation concerns.

We perform both residential and commercial inspections. Call today to schedule a mold inspection. We look forward to servicing the entire state of North Dakota, including Fargo and Bismarck, ND. Call us at (844) 930-6533 to set a time that is convenient for you!

“Mold inspection tip”

Make sure to ask your home or renters insurance agent about mold inclusions on your today to ensure that you are protected in the event of damage to your home.