North Carolina

Mold Testing in North Carolina: $299

North Carolina

North Carolina Mold Inspection

Mold Test Company in North Carolina is available for thorough mold inspections any time you need us while offering fast, affordable mold testing. The dangers of mold in your home are real and mold growth can spread quickly if the source of water intrusion or excessive moisture is not addressed immediately. If you can see mold growing on your walls the chances are that what lies on the other side is far worse. The certified mold inspectors at Mold Test Company are able to precisely identify the species of mold that may be residing with you and your family. With the detailed results provided you will be for more equipped moving forward when it comes to the possibility of any mold remediation that may be necessary. Don’t let another day go by while sidestepping the mold spores you know are in your environment, call Mold Test Company now!

“Mold inspection tip”

Keeping heavy furniture away from the walls of your home at least three inches will help to increase the air flow and reduce the moisture as well.

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