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Our clients throughout New York understand the importance of preventative measures when it comes to testing their homes for toxic mold growth. That’s why they count on Mold Test Company for all of their mold inspection needs. As a tenant in an Empire State apartment building you have the responsibility of reporting the dangers that you may come into contact with in your environment, and mold is certainly included in the list of dangers. The effects that microscopic mold spores can have on the structural integrity of any building is immense. Costly heating and cooling systems may need to be replaced as well as the amount of rot and decay mold growth can cause on any porous surface. Without the tools and expertise of a certified mold inspector from Mold Test Company your New York residence could be rotting away beneath your feet without you even realizing it. Let us provide you peace of mind and let you know exactly what you may be up against in your battle against toxic mold.

“Mold inspection tip”

A dogs’ sense of smell is around forty times greater than humans, so the next time your dog seems to be sensitive around a particular area of your home it may be worth your time to do a little investigating for water damage and signs of new mold growth.

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