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Visible mold inspections are something that should be on every homeowner and New Mexico resident should have on their “to-do-list”. And While your own visual inspection may come up clean and free from mold, don’t forget that you are only looking at one side of the walls in your home and if you have any signs of water intrusion or water damage in your home due to leaks or excessive moisture in the air then there is almost certainly mold growth happening where you can’t see with the naked eye. Call Mold Test Company today to help you determine if there is mold growing inside your home and causing structural damage as well as effecting the health of every occupant inside. Our certified mold inspectors will test your home or office to ensure you have the air quality that you and your loved ones deserve.

“Mold inspection tip”

: The EPA recommends keeping your indoor humidity between thirty and sixty percent to prevent the growth of mold. You can measure the relative humidity of your home with a hygrometer purchased from your local hardware store.

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