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New Jersey

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With over 130 miles of Atlantic coastline and temperate climate, New Jersey and its residents are all too familiar with mold and the environmental impact that mold can have. Truth is that the same molds and fungus can also be found living in your homes, hiding behind walls or slowly creeping through your HVAC system waiting to be dispersed throughout your entire home. That’s why Mold Test Company is available all over The Garden State and happy to provide quality mold inspections and comprehensive environmental testing to those searching for answers to their current mold situation. Our certified mold inspectors can also provide you with the peace of mind by ensuring your family has a safe environment free of toxic mold.

“Mold inspection tip”

Practicing proper moisture management with your indoor plants by doing things such as ensuring proper drainage and changing the soil every other month will go a long a way in reducing harmful contaminants in your home or office environment.

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