Mold Testing in Nevada $399


NV Mold Test Company

For the residents of Nevada discovering mold growth in their homes, they are not alone. The long hours of the sun takes its toll in more ways than one. While the exterior of your home heats up, the air trapped between your walls and in your crawlspaces becomes denser, causing breeding grounds for new mold growth throughout your home. Accidental water intrusion can happen as well but you need to be vigilant when it comes to having the best mold inspection possible. Let Mold Test Company be there for your mold testing needs long before there is any discussion about remediation in your Nevada home. Cleaning the mold in your home needs to be handled by a professional, but again you need to have a mold inspection so you have a better understanding about what you are up against.

“Mold inspection tip”

No more hoarding. By eliminating clutter in your home you are also increasing circulation which will reduce the growth of mold.

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