Mold Testing in Minnesota: $399


Minnesota Mold Inspection

Minnesota residents are unfortunately all too familiar with the low indoor air quality in association with mold. This is largely in part due to the winter wonderland covering the Gopher State most of the year. Mold Test Company is conveniently located throughout Minnesota to ensure its citizens get the answers they deserve. Our mold inspection experts can provide you with precise results of the types of mold spores found in your environment. This level of precision testing is what you need on your side before entering any mold lawsuit. So don’t hesitate another day, call Mold Test Company to bring you the peace of mind you deserve as well as the answers your family has been searching for.

“Mold inspection tip”

Not all mold tests are made the same. The tests claiming to be for mold that may be found in your local hardware store are nothing more than potato dextrose in a petri dish .The main objective for potato dextrose is to grow mold. Call a professional at Mold Test Company.

State Mold Inspector