Mold Testing in Maryland $299


MD Mold Test Company

With plenty of century old buildings and underground rail systems in Washington D.C., the chance for mold growth on or near places that you frequent is very high. When you track these mold spores into your home from your clothes, bags or even on your shoes the mold infestation can begin. Once the mold spores have entered your home or office they only need a small amount of moisture or for the relative humidity in the environment to be above sixty percent for mold growth to start. And just for perspective you can fit ten-thousand mold spores on the tip of your pen! The experts at Mold Test Company will deliver precise results via state-of-the-art equipment wielded by certified professionals. Our thorough mold inspections will also assist you in any mold law suit that you or a loved one may be pursuing. Call Mold Test Company for fast affordable mold testing results for your home or office today.

“Mold inspection tip”

Switching any of your storage items from cardboard boxes to plastic containers will help eliminate mold growth because of the moisture that cardboard tends to hold.

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