Mold Testing in Louisiana: $399


LA Mold Test Company

For over a decade now Louisiana residents heard horror stories about the dangers of black mold from the news and media. Therefore, for the proud folks that call Louisiana their home, Mold Test Company is here to properly identify any molds. We test for any possible black or other toxic molds in your environment by a certified professional using state-of-the-art equipment. Despite Louisiana being highly prone to storm activity, residents can protect their homes and families by safeguarding from water intrusion.

So, contact us now if you are concerned about the possibility of toxic mold in your home. All in all, live healthier and have the professionals at Mold Test Company conduct a thorough mold inspection.

“Mold inspection tip”

Keeping your gutters free from debris will help reduce any water pooling near the base of your home and diminish the possibility for water intrusion into your home.

State Mold Inspector