Mold Testing in Kentucky: $399


Kentucky Mold Test and Inspection

While residents of the Bluegrass State of Kentucky have their southern charm, mold living in their homes is not nearly as pleasant. . To explain, science tells us that not all molds are harmful to humans and animals. Whether you see mold on the siding of your home, or it is creeping up your gutters or lying under the soil in your garden, mold is everywhere. Unless you can tell the difference between toxic mold and non-toxic mold, you need an experienced mold inspector on your side. Thankfully Mold Test Company can dispatch a team of certified mold inspectors throughout the state of Kentucky. We can help you identify which species of mold may be growing in or around your home. Equally important, Mold Test Company can take the guess work out of the possibility of mold damage to your Kentucky home. Call a professional mold inspection expert today!

“Mold inspection tip”

Make sure to check your water connections on your washing machine at home for any small drips or leaks. After time the rubber seals used to contain the pressure deteriorate causing water damage to the floor and walls around the connections. That wet drywall is a favorite place for common toxic molds to thrive in.

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