Mold Testing in Kansas $399


KS Mold Test Company

While mold remediation is an important step in safeguarding your home or work environment, it should not be your first step. Mold Test Company is here for all your mold inspection needs across the state of Kansas so you are able to properly identify as well as fully understand the steps necessary to ensure a successful mold remediation. If you have ever cleaned mold from the walls of your home, you may want to hear what the Journal of Property Management has to say about the growth of mold spores. They are cited as estimating that “one square inch of drywall can contain one to ten million mold spores”. And it takes less than five of those potentially harmful mold spores to cause an already asthmatic individual’s symptoms to worsen severely. Mold Test Company and their teams of trained mold inspection experts offer fast affordable mold testing for any of your environmental mold testing needs. Call us today!

“Mold inspection tip”

Practicing proper moisture management with your indoor plants by doing things such as ensuring proper drainage and changing the soil every other month will go a long way in reducing harmful contaminants in your environment.

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