Mold Testing in Indiana $399


IN Mold Test Company

With farming and agriculture as a large source of revenue in Indiana, I’m sure most of the residents are all too familiar with mold and the environmental issues that mold can cause if located in your environment. The same molds and fungus can also be found living in your homes, hiding behind walls or slowly creeping through your HVAC system waiting to be dispersed throughout the entire home. Mold Test Company is available to the residents of Indiana near and far and happy to provide quality mold inspections and comprehensive environmental testing to those looking for answers to their current mold situation or those looking to ensure they are providing a mold free and healthy living environment for their loved ones.

“Mold inspection tip”

Having a rubber mat or other specially designated area for wet shoes or clothing at your front door is a good idea rather than allowing the water from these items to drip on and eventually into the floorboards, providing a perfect breeding ground for new mold growth.

State Mold Inspector