Mold Testing in Illinois: $399


Illinois Mold Inspection

Mold victims of Illinois know your rights as a tenant in a rental property or homeowner. Our certified mold inspection teams will help you identify the mold species that may be causing your illness. Mold Test Company offers comprehensive environmental testing throughout rural Illinois to the heart of the Windy City. There are several ways the mold experts at Mold Test Company can assist you with your mold identification issues:

  • Making sure you understand the strategies available to you as a tenant fighting against mold
  • Highlight the cause of water damage in your home that started the mold growth
  • Ensuring a “habitable environment” for you and/or your loved ones

Take that next step in the right direction to a cleaner, healthier living and call Mold Test Company now.

“Mold inspection tip”

If your bathroom doesn’t have a fan built into the wall or ceiling, try running a standard fan at your bathroom after showers to help dry all the excess moisture in the air, further preventing new mold growth.

State Mold Inspector