Mold Testing in Georgia: $399


Georgia Mold Inspection

Georgia is home to many rivers and lakes and is certainly no stranger to mold. The certified mold inspectors at Mold Test Company has you covered when it comes to the most advanced indoor mold testing techniques available. Unlike our mold test service, when you purchase a mold test kit from your local hardware store, not only will you pay for the lab fees, which is NOT included with those mold test kits but you are purchasing a product that is designed by nature to grow mold. Mold Test Company will provide you with detailed lab results that could make the difference in you and your family regaining your health due to the inhalation of unknown toxic mold spores by identifying precisely what contaminants are in your Georgia home or office.

“Mold inspection tip”

Switching any of your storage items from cardboard boxes to plastic containers will help eliminate mold growth because of the moisture that cardboard tends to hold.

State Mold Inspector