Mold Testing in Delaware $399


DE Mold Test Company

Our clients throughout Delaware understand the importance of counting on Mold Test Company’s team of mold inspection specialists to quickly locate and properly identify your specific mold species that have been caused by some type of water intrusion in your home. If you are concerned about a musty odor or discolored spots on the ceilings or near your baseboards, contact Mold Test Company today and we will dispatch a team of highly qualified professionals who use several methods for testing your home for mold. After conducting the mold inspection our Mold Test Company technicians will be able to provide you with the results that will assist you in retaining the right doctor and/or lawyer for you and your family’s needs.

“Mold inspection tip”

If you do see mold in your home, do NOT attempt to clean this yourself. Mold spores are much easier to spread than they are to kill, despite what you may read on the internet.

State Mold Inspector