Mold Testing in Connecticut: $399

Connecticut mold testing services

Don’t take the chance of putting your family at risk of “mold sickness”. Mold Test Company is ready to help across Connecticut. Our certified Mold Inspectors will help you take the first step in identifying any suspected mold. A personal Senior Mold analyst will provide you with any resources you may need. Whether it is a health issue, remediation needs or even litigation help, we have Connecticut Covered.

Mold Test Company is proud to service the entire state of Alabama, including:
Bridgeport, CT | Hartford, CT | New Haven, CT | Stamford, CT | Waterbury, CT

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Eliminate the Chance of Mold Sickness

Climate change and a rising sea level on Connecticut’s coast have brought more frequent and devastating floods during storms. In fact, the flooding destroys property, which is evident immediately. But it also harms people’s health. For example, water has been standing in an indoor space for longer than 24 hours (hot weather) or 48 hours (cold weather). Any porous materials that can soak water, such as carpets, furnishings, and wallboard, will have a strong chance that mold will begin growing.

We offer mold testing throughout the state of Connecticut

Mold Test Company is proud to offer mold testing services throughout Connecticut, including Hartford, Stamford, Waterbury, and Bridgeport CT.

“Mold inspection tip”

This one is more of a reminder to remove and clean your refrigerator drip pan once a month. These pans as you can imagine collect water, which shares a symbiotic relationship with mold. The drip pan is typically located under the rear of your unit.