Mold Testing in Connecticut $299


CT Mold Test Company

Citizens of Connecticut, when it comes to mold inspections do not be undermined by terms such as “expected levels”, or “typical findings”. That’s when you want a trusted professional by your side. It is true that not all molds found in indoor environments are harmful to humans but do you know which ones those are? No problem, contact Mold Test Company today anywhere throughout Connecticut and a team of certified mold experts will be able to enhance your environmental findings through state-of-the-art equipment. Our trained mold inspection technicians will evaluate all of your toxic mold needs.

“Mold inspection tip”

This one is more of a reminder to remove and clean your refrigerator drip pan once a month. These pans as you can imagine collect water, which shares a symbiotic relationship with mold. The drip pan is typically located under the rear of your unit.

State Mold Inspector