Expert Mold Inspection $449.99


CA Mold Test Company

Mold Inspections are on the rise here on the West Coast. The California Department of Health released a public notice which concluded that the presence of “water damage, visible mold or odor from mold found in indoor environments is unhealthy.” That’s where Mold Test Company comes in. Our dedicated experts in California mold inspection cases will use the latest technology to help you identify and better understand exactly which molds are in your environment and which ones may be toxic to your loved ones and yourself. Whether your California home has mold that is lying dormant in your crawl spaces or have mold spores being blown through your heating and cooling system into your home, contact the mold experts now at Mold Test Company to guarantee you better identification of the possible toxic molds in your home.

“Mold inspection tip”

Make sure to check under your sinks often to ensure no leaks or water damage has occurred. Simply turn the water on while watching the pipes under your cabinets to ensure the water flow is correct.

State Mold Inspector