Consulting Services

Consulting Services and Additional Resources

The Mold Test Company offers a broad spectrum of skillsets not seen or offered by any other single environmental corporation. Our long history of ecological experience has allowed us to develop scopes of works in multiple disciplines uncommon to our industry.

Our skillsets include:


Environmental Investigations: The sourcing, detection and discovery of the cause(s) of the outbreaks of mold and environmental pathogens.


Pathogen Tracking: Tracing the path of the pathogens, calculating the extent of the damages and how far the mold/pathogens have spread in any given environment.


Isolation: After determining how far the pathogens have spread, then setting a protocol for pathogen containment prior to the mold and pathogen remediation or eradication.


Environmental Testing: The Mold Test company can test the environment for; Mold, Bacteria, Mycotoxins, Endotoxins, (1——->3)β-D beta glucan, gram positive & negative bacteria, DNA-PCR speciation and the identification of mold and bacteria species.


Remediation Protocols: Each contaminated environment is different, due to the types of contaminants, as well as the structures design and the causation of the contamination. The Mold Test Company can design scopes of work and remediation protocols for any type of contaminated environment.

Education: The Mold Test Company has assisted in hundreds of microbial remediation projects and thousands of environmental tests. The Mold Test Company is recognized by the Non-Public Post-Secondary Education Commission in Washington D.C. and can provide mold remediation, mold testing classes and certifications to our clients at no charge.


Remediation Chemicals: The Mold Test Company has forged relationships with companies that produce the most effective EPA registered antimicrobial products in the industry. These relationships allow our clients to receive deep discounts on the acquisition of highly effective antimicrobial products and equipment.


Operational Risk Management: The Mold Test Company can assess the risk and quickly outline a plan of action to incorporate safety first and help to contain all risks.


Military Readiness: While protecting the general public, the Mold Test Company also protects our military families. The Mold Test Company understands that the health and well being of our military forces and their families is of the highest priority. The health of our military is the backbone and strength of our country, that is why our commitment to our troops and keeping their homes a healthy place to live is Job #1.


Insurance Recovery: The Mold Test Company staff has worked in the aftermath of hurricanes Jeanne, Wilma, Rita, Katrina, Florence and Michael. When the insurance companies were only paying their clients forty-eight (48) cents on the dollar of which they should have been paying. The Mold Test Company’s insurance adjusters stood toe to toe with the insurance company adjusters in damage assessment and appraisal, recovering millions of dollars in insurance funds due to our clients. The Mold Test Company will assist any of our clients in the rightful recovery of any and all insurance payments due to them from the causes of their contaminated environment.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness Services: The Mold Test Company staff, multiple times, has been called upon to serve as Expert Witnesses to clarify and end environmental disputes.

Regardless of Your Environmental Needs, The Mold Test Company has the Solutions and Staff to Help.