Affiliate Distributor Program

We are proud to announce our new MTC Affiliate Distributor Program, providing individuals impacted by the coronavirus the opportunity to earn supplemental income. We use our link share system to distribute DIY Mold Test Kits to the people most in need.

Who is Mold Test Company:

Mold Test company is the largest environmental company in the country. We provide environmental testing throughout the nation to residential and commercial clients. We developed the DIY Mold Air Test Kit in response to the implications of the Coronavirus. We traditionally send our certified inspectors out to clients’ residences and commercial properties in every state. In many states there has been a shelter in place order implemented, which makes it difficult for our inspectors to perform our inspections. The DIY kit is one of the tests that our inspectors would perform inside the clients’ environment. Therefore, we provide the same accurate and certified results our clients expect. We have had an unbelievable response to the DIY Kit and we believe it will remain one of our top sellers long after the Coronavirus has ended.

How the Program Works:

Participation in this program does not require any financial investment. This program will allow its participants to generate supplemental income through social media and online marketplaces using a customized link. Every time someone clicks your link and visits our site, we register the visitor as your client for the next 7 days, allowing you to get credit for any resulting DIY purchases. We are offering up to 36% of anything sold through our program back as commissions.

Our testing kits for distribution:


HVAC Mold Test Kit

DIY HVAC Mold Testing

We have a specialized approach when testing for mold in the air of your home. Our focus on the HVAC system gives us a practical understanding of the health risks you encounter on a regular basis. The HVAC system cycles the air you breathe throughout the day, making this the ideal method for identifying the health effects of your home. We allow you to sample the entire HVAC unit with just one kit. (Laboratory analysis included)


DIY Surface Mold Test Kit

DIY Surface Mold Testing

Our practical testing design allows you to identify surface mold growth on the contents and materials located in your home. Surface mold will often grow in circular patterns around areas of water damage or high humidity. Mold can grow even on non cellulose materials like plastic and metal, using dust as a food source. Our DIY surface mold test will pick up mold on almost any material for up to 4 items. Our wipe method is ideal forleather, fabric, plastic, wood, drywall, masonry, glass, PVC, and ceramics. This testing offers a practical solution for a complex problem. (Laboratory analysis included)


Coronavirus Environment Test

DIY Coronavirus Environment Testing (Environment Test Only)

Mold Test Company in conjunction with EMSL Laboratories have developed a DIY Coronavirus Test designed to detect Coronavirus (COVID 19) on surfaces in residential and commercial structures. We offer a complete kit that allows you to test multiple locations throughout your home or work. With the potential of many people not exhibiting any symptoms of the virus, it is more important than ever to identify risk factors and slow the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak. The process is made quick and easy using a swab method for collection. (Laboratory analysis included)